Llamamiento del MLKP a la solidaridad internacional con la revolución en Rojava

MLKP (Marxist-Leninist Communist Party) members in Rojava and Sinjar have called on revolutionaries and oppressed people of the world to support the ongoing liberation struggle in Sinjar.

MLKP women and men fighters have issued a statement calling on workers and toilers in Turkey to struggle against the Middle Eastern policy of the AKP government, saying: “We greet the fighters of the YPG, HPG, YPJ, YJA-STAR and Sinjar Defence Units who are fighting against the ISIS gangs that have occupied the territory of Kurdistan, are carrying out massacres, and want to throttle the Rojava and Kurdistan revolution and the democratic revolution in the Middle East. Your struggle is our struggle.”

The MLKP fighters added that the Turkish state and AKP government are complicit in the ISIS massacres, calling on all democratic forces to oppose the AKP’s Middle Eastern policy.

The statement continued thus: “The US and European imperialists are selling weapons and consolidating the counter revolutionary forces and seeking ways of preventing the freedom of Kurdistan. Instead of the ‘aid’ of the colonialists and collaborators, the support of the world’s oppressed should flow to Kurdistan. As our party’s fighters acting with an awareness of the need for a joint struggle for the revolution in Turkey, Kurdistan and the Middle East, we call on everyone to support the struggle in Sinjar. The peoples of the Middle East want freedom. That is what they are fighting for. They are choosing to go to the mountains and are defending the future and humanity. Those fighting for revolution and freedom will triumph!”


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